perfect day for reading and doing whatever pleasing the mind.

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finally! night vision is seeming to fit perfectly into my small collection of music.

always ending up with a snack at number four, Privet Drive at night. curious.

thanking devoted students for a great show friday evening last week.

for some reason everything feels better when AM is on.

abonding this blog wasn't according to plan but lately nothing has anyway.

right now I'm wishing I'd had the guts to be more talkative and less shy at the Vixen blog awards event but the truth is that I was somewhere lost in the crowd trying to keep control of my nervousness. I want to thank my best friend (the pretty girl with the curly hair) for bearing with me and being my company for the evening, and of course, for coming with me to play tourists in our white dressed capital. congratulations to all of the winners, well deserved!

best thing about sundays.

sitting down thinking about the enormously unexpected support I have been so fortunate to experience is something that just makes me happy. coming next is of course another photo diary, featuring Vixen blog awards and Oslo. I believe this is a sneak peek.

1. music - makes the days sound better / 2. paris - makes me want to start saving money /†3. shoes - christmas gift to me from me / 4. chocolate cookies - too tasteful for someone like me to resist / 5. oslo - an upcoming trip which I'm really looking forward to

what are yours?

I'm doing a small recap of the capital because I will (hopefully) be there next week, wiiho!


late nights and early mornings require chocolate and tea and I'm too polite not to obey. thank you all for your votes in Vixen blog awards, I'm beyond grateful!

I watched all eight films in a row last week. magical.

I figured it was my turn to play a fast-forward version of the past year which by the way turned out be pretty ok. january, february and mars flew by in a blur, and one of the highlights was finding my best friends in my house ready with brownies to celebrate my eighteenth birthday (yes they're the best). however, the mantle is held by the London trip. it was my first trip ever travelling with my best friends, and I had way more fun than I think was allowed in just one week. I headed to Rhodes next with family and friends and the trip made my summer vacation complete. christmas came a moth early to me in form of a nomination in the Vixen blog awards in addition to two small interviews in Bodonu and the magazine DetNye. I didn't think these things could possibly happen to me until you showed me otherwise. I don't know exactly how to express my gratitude but I'll start with thank you! december ended with a great celebration, and though I'm frustrated because I have nothing figured out about my further education yet, I will be embracing the new year with a smile. happy new year!

christmas turned out to be splendid (even without the snow)! I was gifted with a new pair of sandals and an extraordinary well cooked dinner in addition to an awful lot of ferrero rochers, and I would be lying if I said I was anything but truly grateful for everything.

ps! you can still vote in the Vixen blog awards here!

a new addition to my shoe collection - thanks to my family.

I hope my collection of paris photos (2011) will do as a christmas gift to you this year. I wish you all a very merry christmas!

all of the presents are wrapped and the lights are lit but unfortunately the weather hasn't yet changed and the rain is still dripping on my windows.

unpublished, now published, photos from Rhodes.

I currently have my fingers, hands and legs crossed for the rain to miraculously transform into white, effortless snow..

november is such a dark month, but the Vixen nomination and your support, Magnus Carlsen's victory, old pictures from Paris and oreos have saved it from being completely without light.

this is owed to my bestfriend. she's seriously the best. and thanks to detnye, such an honour they chose me.

I want to give an enourmous THANK YOU and a lifetime's worth of gratitude to you for nominating me for Vixen Blog Awards in the photography category. I feel so honoured and thankful both at the same time. if you would be so kind as to vote for me, you can head over here.


I'm thinking about posting the Paris photo diary from my trip down there two years ago..the place make my heart skip a beat.

the solution of a typical tourist place including warmth, sunlight and delicious food but exclusive the massive tourism. I like Rhodes, and here's the mini guide based on my very first trip there in august earlier this year.


boring has always been a describing word of my intake of food, but even someone like me couldn't resist trying: GYROS! it only consists of pita bread filled with onion, pork, chips +++, but it's tasteful, very tasteful, and I actually ate two in a row because of its tastefullness. I don't think anyone can make it like the greeks.

The beach

I don't think anyone need to be convinced how delightful a view of only blue ocean as far as the eye can see could be described as anything but delightful. I ran into the blue water more than once, and even though I swallowed too much salt water, I did return into the blue water over and over again... be sure to find yourselves a hotel near the ocean, it's the only possible lifesaver when the temperature hits more than 40degrees..

Rhodes Old Town

the place must be the definition of beautiful. there's a medieval wall enclosing the Old town, and a walk throughout the place is mandatory. it has those old narrow, peppled streets with small charming shops and hidden restaurants serving local food everywhere. unique pieces made of leather tempted me to declare myself all in, but I somehow managed to resist (when I thought about the amount of money I'd already spent on clothes, bags and shoes in England earlier the very same summer), but I'm not sure if I would be able to say no twice.

The valley of butterflies

the valley is unique in its own way, and it can not be compared to anything I have experienced earlier. thousands of butterflies were fluttering past me in a hurry, and if you were lucky enough you could come close enough to shoot a portrait and even have a small photoshoot. we were following a path through their tropical home, and the place was so peaceful and undisturbed by human intervention it felt like a time travel. I would recommed everyone to wear proper shoes for hiking on the trip - I chose of course a pair of sandals and I almost faceplanted because of the slippery peppled stones forming the path - and also remember to bring with you a bottle of water because it's going to be sweaty and very hot. camera wise, I'll sugest you to bring with you a telezoom (if you're lucky enough to own one) to get the best shots of the butterflies. they are incredibly fast, and I had trouble achieving a nice clear and sharp shot through my 50mm because of their speed. even though they were fluttering past me, they did like to keep some distance.

The white city

the highlight! we were guided to the white city - Lindos - and even though it was not as impressive as Minas Tirith, it did have an impression of royality because of the ruins of the acropolis reigning over the rest of the city. it was such a splendid view up there, and again, I would recommend you to wear better shoes than I did if you're planning on visiting - because I wore sandals, again - and this time I actually did fell when I carefully tried to climb down the way to the city. it was not one of my proudest moments in my life.

PS! be aware of thieves. they broke into our appartment while we were sleeping, and helped themselves with bags (among other my very precious Spell bag), money, phone and pretty much everything they could find of value. I was so glad to find my camera in the exact same spot I left it the earlier day. it would be a catastrophe if it was stolen.