for our guided tour, she was wearing a traditional costume.

disposable shots from my trip to China..there wil be a disposable version of my photo diary in addition to a mini guide but enough time seems to be a problem these days..

three from my latest travels. please, let me feel the wind beneath my wings again.

"would it be okay if I publish some of the photos of you?"

"of course, as long as you post the ones of my good side."

our local guide, while wandering the Danxia landform in China, would occasionally sit down and wait for us while sipping from his cup.

thanks to my best friend both for modelling and defying the weather with me even though it's so cold it has started snowing.

in the making of the best noodles EVER. I'm seriously grateful for such a foodlicious experience.

this is what I look like when I'm truly happy.

they started laughing when they saw my disposable camera but I just thoroughly LOVE the charming vintage effect..and you know..they do really catch the moment. I'm actually waiting for two rolls of new photos being developed right now featuring China so I'm really excited seeing the result.

precison and patience performed on a high level.

btw I'm regulary updating this website.

- disposable camera

- phone

- passport

- money

- wallet

- scarf

- dslr camera (but obviously not shown on the picture)

In addition, sometimes I'm also carrying my tripod, just in case. so what's your essentials when travelling?

clearly, love's universal.

it's been a truly incredible journey and I can't but be thoroughly thankful for everything I've seen and learned, and not least greatful to have met all of the amazing people I've come to know. I was a mixture of both scared and excited when boaring the plane from BodÝ less than two weeks ago (some thought I was being crazy). it was my first time travelling all alone, but now it's an experience I wouldn't like being without. this trip was actually the only thing I wanted to do after finishing school and I'm so glad I followed my dream (and not someone elses). I'll definitely be planning another trip somewhere next year because there's so much beauty and good in this world, and I'd really like to be seeing/inahling/experiencing/documenting it all.

ps! it's like 90 photos or something so it might take some time to load

woke up in this bed and started editing my pictures right away. my trip has come to an end, and I'll be drinking milk, eating a slice of bread with brown cheese and studying at uni again before you know it. it's been an incredible journey and I can't but feel throughly greatful for such an expereince! the photo diary will be HUGE so I hope you'll be looking as much forward to see it as I'm wanting to share it.

visited the First Beacon Tower of Ming Dynasty and climbed parts of the Wall, but though some parts were quite steep (and I conveniently had decided to wear heels) it was still so so marvelous.

wandering right into this landscape felt unreal because it was just THAT beautiful.

more hiking..and treasure hunting!!!!!! I'm still wayyyyy behind on these day-by-day posts of China as I did have some trouble with the Internet connection over there but I'll just post the rest of the days later today and tomorrow because now I'm officially back in Norway again. it feels good to be back though I miss it already.

hiking in the midst of this landscape was kind of surreal but still real. the fourth day was definitely memorable.

posting this a bit late because I'm really that dependent on Internet connection which seems to have been rather nonexistent lately..but I spent most of my third day in China on an airplane, sleeping of course, on the way to Jiayuguan, located in the Gansu province. I visited the Jiayuguan Fortress, the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall. it was quite incredible.

ps! instagram, snapchat, facebook and even google (just to mention a few) are being blocked here in China, sooooo....that's the reason why I'm avoiding people. it's not on purpose. I think.

feeling thoroughly hounoured to have met such wonderful people today who made my trip to the Great Wall even greater! tomorrow I'll be leaving Beijing..but my next destination will hopefully be quite extraordinary.

after spending nearly 24hours at airports and airplanes, I finally arrived in Beijing at 12.00pm local time (06.00am Norwegian time), resulting in me falling asleep first thing after checking in at the hotel because in my head it was still night. I will try to be posting every day on here, but I'm not sure of the Internet connection yet.. AND to my friends and family, I won't be online on facebook as the website is being blocked here in China. now I'm going to curl up into THAT bed again because I seriously need some more sleep because tomorrow brings new adventures!

it's certainly not long warm summer nights anymore, but it's not ice cold either..

thanks to my best friend for modelling back in 2012.

loving Norway above everything because of the northern light, nature and fresh air but I'll actually be leaving least for week++. It's finally time to pack my suitcase again and I'm definitely taking you with me. This is the first time in my life I'll be travelling all by myself but it feels thoroughly good to be doing something for the first time.again.