made some few adjustments to the design of my portfolio site but I'll be adding more content soon, soon, soon.

currently wishing I could be somewhere else than home studying..I hope your saturday's better than mine.

thanking this girl both for modeling and helping me survive all my classes at uni.


I'll at least try to keep my instagram running since I've fallen behind on posting.

being utterly thankful for the many colours of the sky. it's kind of magical.

I'm not planning on turning this into some kind of food blog but I thought my breakfast should be posted here nevertheless because it was THAT tasteful. hopefully I'll have the london photo diary up by tomorrow or wednesday.

I was scrolling through the comments on the blog and I just wanted to properly thank every single one of you for making my days so much brighter. I'm struggling a bit balancing my role as student/emloyee/blogger/(amateur) photographer/friend/traveler/family member but all this positive feedback is definitely helping this blog and me keep running. thank you.

these photos of my best friend were taken almost two years ago and because we're still best friends (and she hasn't moved out of town yet) she's kind enough to do another shoot with me yayyh.

it's probably my favourite season because I seriously LOVE the colours. it's like a second spring. these were taken last year but I hope this year will be just as colourful because I'll be photographing more.

missing my friends because some people seem to be irreplaceable.

thoroughly mesmerized by the wonders of the world.

it seems like pancakes have become a regular meal of mine.

I added several photos to my portfolio the other day, but I'm also thinking about reposting several mini guides and photo diaries on le blog if anyone might be intersted.