so thoroughly happy for both summer and winter because autumn and its colours comes in between.

eating pancakes nowadays because it's seriously delicious.

Palace of Versailles aka one of my favourite places in the whole world. I'm so easily seduced by the symmetry, high pillars, details and enormous size of the estate that I can't help but wanting to travel back again (but next time when it's not the peak of the tourist season).

I just had to buy them in black as well.

looking back always reminds me of being grateful for the moments I've had.

thanks to my best friend for travelling with me, thus making this trip fantastic! another photo diary feautring Versailles will be up in a few days.

been crushing on these for a while now.

spending a few days away in the wild did me good (the number of mosquitoes bites not taken into account). my lungs felt the fresh mountain air again and I went skinny dipping in the cold river for the first time in too many years. more pictures to come soon but next up will fortunately be the paris photo diary. it's going to be huge.

I will be adding more photos over there soon because I will be photographing more.

missing those late summer nights spending time with my friends swimming, laughing, eating, drinking and enjoying every last minute together before heading in different directions. wishing them the very best wherever they might be in this very moment.

the last day before the journey home was spent playing youngsters in Disneyland. I got to see the big castle and everything, and yes I did have popcorn for dinner.