"technology, you can always count on it to let you down."

in case you didn't already know, the archive now includes a categorized list of all my travels. (travels of 2013 is still missing though.)

throwing it all the way back to august when I was visiting the Palace of Versailles with my best friend. one of my favourite places on Earth. seriously.

after teasing each other the whole day, they assured me "we actually do like each other."

been extending my portfolio, www.fridaxiang.com

snapshots from China (including the one when I'm in the back of a taxi wondering where I'd end up...communication may be hard when none speak the same language). I had such an adventurous time though!

he just casually walked into the frame

sounds like a good day.

such a beautiful city in both daylight and nightfall. however, the knowledge of English was nonexistent rather than limited and may therefore be a problem if you're not able to communicate in French or find someone really nice who's (bilingual or) willing to help you. fortunately, I met five of those superheroes, and though they were like a rare specie, I'm still so so so incredibly grateful for their help.


The Arch of Triumph

I like this monument. it's kind of perfect in my opinion as it's crowning the end of Champs-Élysées. I'm actually regretting I didn't visit the observatory at the top and got the chance to photograph the arch at night. well, there's always a next time.



famous for its cafés and luxury shops, but sure really pretty for just a stroll as well. I actually like this busy boulevard.



traveling with friends always make the trip more memorable and fun. my best friend travelled along with me, but a boyfriend is certainly accepted as well because there's a lot of couples. everywhere.



though I'm not sure the entry fee (73EUR) was worth paying, this place did make my best friend very happy which made me very happy indeed. the amusement park is divded into two theme parks but according to my best friend, Disneyland Park, is the only one worth seeing because Walt Disney Studios Park is just not THAT magical. well, I got to see the Sleeping Beauty Castle which was kind of nice.


the Eiffel tower

obviously, the only place where you can't see the Eiffel tower. beautiful view and absolutely the highlight on a sunny day. Trocadéro would be the perfect spot to observe the tower if you're not bothering to visit the actual tower.



people are complaining about the price level in Norway, but I actually found the prices in Paris to be quite similiar to Norway. water is even more expensive there than here (at least when bought at a restaurant). however, not surprisingly, all sorts of wine was quite cheap. cheaper than water actually. the best pain au chocolates (so far) can be found at Starbucks near Opera because they were warmed so the chocolate melted. best.breakfast.ever.


Hop on hop off

easy, fast and pleasent way to explore the city (as long as the weather's not too rainy or cold).



it was rather noisy and crowdy, and people behaved rather rowdy. I tried battling my way through the masses in order to catch a glimpse of Mona Lisa, but after all it was probably not worth it. I was wearing sandals and people had a tendency of trampling on my feet. however, there's SO much more worth seeing besides that one painting. looking upon Liberty Leading the People was kind of ecstatic and the museum itself was such a time-travel-labyrint I was sure we'd never find the exit. the entry ticket is 12EUR which isn't too bad either.



I'm a huge fan of the pillars and the fact that it was less crowdy than both Sacre-Cæur and Notre Dame and (almost) as spectacular as the latter definitely made the church peek-worthy.


Notre Dame

almost as mesmerasied by the beautiful ceiling and structure as the disrespectful people making noise and photographing with a flash.


Palace of Versailles

my absolute favourite day of the trip was spent in the palace and garden of Versailles. its enormous size, symmetric structure and overall perfection caught my attention at WOW! and the garden actually matches the palace (both when it comes to size and incredibleness). I payed 15EUR for my entry ticket but I would gladly have payed more to skip the 2 hours of queue. be sure to wake up early in order spend more of your valuable time behind the golden gates of Versailles, not waiting in line on the outside.



I was surprised by the silence in this church because while silence means high louds of whispering and occasionally shouts in Notre Dame, silence actually means silence and it was such a nice contrast to all of the outside's noise.



Urban Outfitters was kind of a disappointment in comparison with the size of the stores in London, but I did manage to find some pieces anyway. Forever21, located close to Louvre Rivoli, was a rather positive experience. I had to laugh when spotting all of these dads sitting by the entrace because it reminded me of how my dad's attitude towards shopping. La Fayette, an enourmous building of departmens, can be found near Opera. expensive clothes, cheap clothes, luxury brands, chain stores, vintage, whatever they have it all.


Tour Montparnasse

the roof is the perfect spot for photographing and soaking in a beautiful view of the city. One of the highlights of the trip, and the young/student price is 11,50EUR which makes it affordable. definitely recommended!



The metro was kind of superior and made navigation no problem at all. our tickets were marked zone 1-5 because it made everything easier while travelling. Zone 1-3 covers the inner city while 4-5 is required in order to travel to Versailles and Disneyland. My 5 day ticket costed me about 500NOK, and allowed me to use both the train and metero. bus is probably the easiest way to get to the airport, but I guess it depends on where you're staying.


if you're interested to see more photos, you can find the Paris photo diary here and Versailles photo diary here.

"I like that Norwegian word, 'videregående'."

I had such a nice time visiting my best friend in Bergen this weekend! we hadn't seen each other in three months but we just picked right back up. I'm so happy to see that she's doing so well, and I was thrilled when she told me "my life is really good right now" 'cause I wouldn't have believed her if she told me otherwise.

ps! thank you for showing me your new home, introducing me to your boyfriend and new friends. it's been great!

wingardium leviosa! I had such a magic time in Bergen thanks to this girl (and her boyfriend) (and her boyfriend's friends). the photo diary will be up later today!

the rain didn't stop us from playing in the leaves.

residing in Bergen for the weekend, (eating cheerios and) visiting my best friend. please say hello if you see me! (I'm actually quite pixie in real life and not scary at all)

wishing all of us could spend some time together again. currently counting the days until christmas!

arts students from an university in China lining up for us to take photos.


mixture of iphone and camera photos can be found here, in case you're interested.

it's the best season because of the colours, THE end of discussion.

for our guided tour, she was wearing a traditional costume.

disposable shots from my trip to China..there wil be a disposable version of my photo diary in addition to a mini guide but enough time seems to be a problem these days..

three from my latest travels. please, let me feel the wind beneath my wings again.

"would it be okay if I publish some of the photos of you?"

"of course, as long as you post the ones of my good side."

our local guide, while wandering the Danxia landform in China, would occasionally sit down and wait for us while sipping from his cup.

thanks to my best friend both for modelling and defying the weather with me even though it's so cold it has started snowing.

in the making of the best noodles EVER. I'm seriously grateful for such a foodlicious experience.

this is what I look like when I'm truly happy.

they started laughing when they saw my disposable camera but I just thoroughly LOVE the charming vintage effect..and you know..they do really catch the moment. I'm actually waiting for two rolls of new photos being developed right now featuring China so I'm really excited seeing the result.

precison and patience performed on a high level.

btw I'm regulary updating this website.

- disposable camera

- phone

- passport

- money

- wallet

- scarf

- dslr camera (but obviously not shown on the picture)

In addition, sometimes I'm also carrying my tripod, just in case. so what's your essentials when travelling?